November 6, 2010

New Semester Pt. 2

Part 2, some shots with Tri-X but most with FP4 (gorgeous film, too bad it's more expensive than Tri-X here..)  

Must have been something pretty interesting for all of them to look that way.

Shooting street with Khairul Anwar.  

Rangefinders ftw.

Sometimes I wish I had a 50.

My lifelong dream is to join the Rich Club. 

One thing I love about Malaysia?  No laws against jaywalking (I might be wrong, but if there is it sure as hell isn't enforced) 

  Taking a peek inside..

Not sure what Bruce Lee has to do with lozenges...

Been having some killer cravings for durian lately...too bad no one's selling them in Cyberjaya :(

Had a nail go through my sandal not long after I took this shot.

The fragility of film.  Probably something wrong with my developing reel, I've noticed the same marks on another roll.  

Meter started acting crazy at this point, and I've been unable to get the battery cover open (don't have a plier atm)  On top of that my M6 seems to be falling apart, film advance keeps gets stuck midroll...cla time?


Rained pretty heavy in the afternoon...

...and I had no umbrella.

Cheers :)

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  1. LOL @Bruce Lee! Uber random!
    Nice shots, by the way!