September 29, 2010


Raya post is on hold, these are photos from a roll shot during Farhan's last day here.

First frame from the roll, this was actually from a different day.  Paris Hilton exhibition/event at Pavilion, only reason I took it was because I heard on the radio that she cancelled all her promotional tours.  Must've been pretty embarrassing if true.

Met up at Mid Valley,  I know that it's quite packed during weekends but damn.  Sardine can.

It was too crowded and too loud so we went back to Farhan's place (well his grandfather's)

Some things never change ;)

Heading off to the airport.  Farhan's aunt was kind enough to let us tag along.

I've always enjoyed airports, mainly because they remind me so much of my childhood days.  Half of my life was spent travelling.

Baggage check-in.  Finally got to meet Farhan's girlfriend (well, more like see..didn't really have a proper conversation with her)

Spent the remainder of our time at McD.

Fahmi, Farhan's younger brother.

Fikri took this, not bad for his first time..even got the focus right.

All three of us.

Thought this was a nice moment.

And on the other end..

Finally, a proper photo of Fikri.

Getting ready to leave..getting their papers checked.

All clear! 

Took the train back, expensive but also fast..we needed to reach KL quickly.  Also loving the tones here, not too contrasty and not too sharp.  Maybe I need an older summicron, V3 perhaps?


It wouldn't be a proper blog post if it didn't have atleast one toilet mirror self portrait ;)

New laptop to replace the old one (which fried itself, literally)  Catching up on tv shows I missed out during work months.

Still need to work on metering the moon, can't seem to get it right...anyway, I'll end this post here.  Photos from raya will be up soon.


New blog!

If you've been following me on wordpress, this is my new blog address.  For new readers, you can visit my old one here.

Changed back to blogger for a number of reasons, and hopefully this time it's permanent :)