October 6, 2010


Finally got around to scanning an older roll of Kodak Gold (back when I still had a 28mm)  Colors are a nice surprice, very saturated red/yellows..not bad for a consumer film.

Won't be commenting too much on these shots, brain is too fried right now for any flashbacks.

Grain is tight too (considering this is iso 400 film)

I'm starting to miss this lens.  Not sure if it's the focal length (28mm) or how it renders..but I'm not too happy with how the 40/1.4 performs with color film.  Hopefully the 35/1.2 Nokton will fix that, been seeing some killer shots taken with that lens..very smooth and sharp at the same time.  Simon makes wonderful use of this lens, do check his blog :)


Still can't believe we passed that subject (storyboard).  That was one crazy semester..glad I don't have to worry about classes...for now.

Each FA crit session takes away at least 2 years from your expected lifespan, it's that stressful.

Final presentation takes out 5.

Unless you're Ghazi..

..or Adit.

More MMU madness..

Hostel fire extinguisher, useful for many things except for putting out fires :)

I really don't know.

Stay tuned for another short post tomorrow..


  1. Salam, blog hoping and found your blog, interesting photoblog you have here, not many film shooters nowadays...

    btw, nice work you have here, cheers:)

  2. Thank you, you have a wonderful blog yourself :)

  3. my favorite is the 4th picture!!!

  4. nice la wey colour. best, aku suka :D